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This legal notice regulates the use of the website (hereinafter, THE WEB), which is the ownerELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL
Browsing the webELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL attributes the condition of user of the same and implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this Legal Notice, which may be modified.
The website and its services are freely accessible, however, DRINKSMIXconditions the use of some of the services offered on its website to the prior completion of the corresponding form.
All the contents of the website, such as texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, as well as its design and source codes, constitute a work whose property belongs toELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL, without it being understood that any of the exploitation rights over them have been transferred to the user beyond what is strictly necessary for the correct use of the website.
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The user undertakes to make correct use of the website in accordance with the law, good faith, public order, traffic uses and this Legal Notice. The user will respond toELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL or against third parties, for any damages that may be caused as a result of breach of said obligation.

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ELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL declares that it has adopted all the necessary measures to avoid any damage that, to the users of its website, could derive from browsing its web page. Consequently,ELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL is not responsible, in any case, for any damage that the user may suffer from browsing the Internet.
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All purchases made through the portalELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL are subject to the general conditions contained in the legal notice. The General Conditions prevail over the Online Purchase Conditions.
All products and services are subject to the following conditions. By buying on this website, you automatically accept these conditions. Please read them carefully.
These conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties in relation to online sales transactions betweenELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL and its clients.
ELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL is empowered to unilaterally modify each and every one of the obligations set forth in these conditions, without the need for prior notice. It is also empowered to restructure, modify or eliminate any information, service or content included in the Portal, without the need for prior notice.
A purchase is not final until it is accepted byELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL.ELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL reserves the right of admission and cancellation of any order, being able to return the amount paid by the client and being exempt from any other obligation.
The Portal does not require prior subscription for simple navigation, access or use of the service in question. On the contrary, for access to certain content and services, prior subscription and corresponding registration as a User (hereinafter Registered User) will be required.

User register
In accordance with the provisions above,ELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL reserves some of the Services offered through the Portal to Registered Users ofELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL by completing the corresponding User registration form.
To buy in our online storeELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL you must register in it. Your data will be saved and so your future purchases will be faster. To register and buy in our online store you must go to the "Register" section. If you are registered to buy in our online store and have forgotten your password, you must go to the “Register” section, click on the option Have you forgotten your password? and insert your e-mail address and “continue” and you will immediately receive an email with your password.
The User undertakes to select, use and keep his username or "login" and his password or "password" (hereinafter and jointly the "Access Keys") in accordance with the provisions of the following clauses.
Assignment of Access Codes
The User will have the option to choose and indicate their own access Password. The User may not choose the User Name in any other way than being a valid e-mail address, through which we will communicate with it.
Use and Custody
The User undertakes to make lawful and diligent use of the Access Code, as well as not to make his Access Code available to third parties.
The User agrees to reliably notify the BEBIDAS WebmasterMIXas soon as possible, the loss or theft of the Access Codes as well as any risk of access to them by a third party.
The Access Code may only be used by the Users to which it has been assigned.ELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL is exempt from any type of liability that may accrue for damages caused or suffered by the fraudulent use or lack of diligence in the custody of the Access Code, loss or use in contravention of the provisions of these Conditions.

All products sold on this website are new and original from the manufacturer.
The information provided should not be considered complete or exhaustive at any time due to the wide range of products and services in the sector.ELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL, for its part, will try to the extent of its possibilities to constantly update the prices of the products through constant communication with suppliers and manufacturers.
ELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL states that the product offered usually corresponds to the photograph and technical description of it. However, it is exempt from liability for those cases in which, due to technical or human errors, there were mistakes or variations between the photograph, the technical description and the price. It is also made clear that the photographs are merely indicative in nature and there may be variations in their physical appearance, but without undermining the integrity and performance of the requested product.
ELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL is exempt from the content, information, opinions or comments disseminated through its portal nor will it be responsible for the use that the User makes of that information.

Price list
The price of the products is in EUROS and includes the taxes of Law according to the Spanish Legislation. In the final purchase summary, the final or total price of the purchase is shown, indicating the amount corresponding to the price of the determined product and the amount corresponding to the applicable taxes.
Based on your business policy,ELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL may make final price changes either for loyalty, for the acquisition of products of a certain entity or relevance, as well as others that may be stipulatedELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL in due course. However, it will beELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL who freely and voluntarily offers these discounts and/or rebates, to whom it deems appropriate, and may not be required or requested at any time by the customer.
Prices do not include shipping. Prices are valid except typing error. All sales are made with their corresponding invoice. Products are available for sale while stocks last
The prices shown may be reviewed and modified at any time byELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL.
Once the payment is verified, it will be initiated byELEVENFITFOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS SL processing the order.

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